A great innovation of Plastics industry

10/09/2013 11:01

 2013 Plastics Industry Ringier Innovation Award on September 4 in Shanghai announced. In the Top of plastic raw material and auxiliary materials, injection molding equipment and other eight categories of 32 award-winning products, excellent performance specialty plastics, plastic safety and environmental protection, bio-based plastics to become the highlight of the award.

From the award-winning results, functional plastics and specialty plastics have considerable market potential. Polykemi composite plastic (Kunshan) developed PC / ASA FS9 PAS UV4 functional materials, not only has good weatherability, heat resistance properties, and joined the permanent antistatic agent, to avoid dust on the product surface adsorption and accumulation, so that plastic products can long remain relatively clean appearance. Borouge BorPure HJ311MO is a high fluidity polypropylene homopolymer, especially for the fast, low odor containers injection molding, as compared with other resins, injection molding cycle can be shortened by 20%, and high rigidity and anti-static formula helps for efficient stripping. DSM Arnitel VT is an extremely flexible thermoplastic elastomer, a thickness of a few microns can be made thin, and both a good waterproofness, breathability and comfort, if this kind of material made of the outdoor clothing, it can be waterproof and having breathability.

Meanwhile, safe, environmentally friendly plastic also has good reputation. And more and more prefer to use the rubber products. Guangdong Shunde Shun Yan has developed new materials, high-impact, high-glow-wire, flame-retardant PBT reinforced composite materials, to solve the plastic components in electrical and electronic overload, short circuit, leakage and other circumstances may cause localized overheating and fire issues; solves its high impact product deformation, fracture and other issues, expanding the scope of application of PBT material. Dow's polyolefin elastomer AFFINITY GA 1000R products specifically for the hot melt adhesive industry and the development of difficult substrates, with low density, low viscosity and high content of maleic anhydride, etc., difficult sticky adhesive substrate to provide strong and effective power, heat melt temperature has increased by 5 , is bonded products during storage and transport of heat-resistant safety is also improved.

In addition, the white bio-based plastics to become a popular research direction. UPM (China) a company whose ForMi injection molding can be made ​​from renewable wood fiber and plastic constitutes a new type of composite material, odorless, durable and recyclable. Guangzhou Bi Jia MaterialScience improved POLYLACTIDES heat resistance and toughness, and its foam polylactic acid can replace PS foam products, used in cushioning packaging, disposable lunch boxes, trays, coffee cups. Blonde technology's high heat Vicnyl PA10T semi-aromatic polyamide is a new generation of special nylon, with a high melting point, high glass transition temperature and heat distortion temperature; same time it is a bio-based materials, the synthesis of a monomer the decamethylenediamine from renewable resources, castor beans.