A magic weapon of candy suppliers

13/06/2013 16:19

 In 2011, the global economy did not come into recession. Neither American nor European economic is recovered. China economic was also entered the inflation period. In 2012, the cold winter of the finance was spread and the world economic downturn for a long time. Therefore, a era of high cost, high inflation and the great recession is coming.

As for candy manufacturers, the soaring costs have make candy companies overwhelmed. Since April 2011, the price of sugar has risen to 7,600 Yuan / ton which has broken through to 8000 Yuan / ton in July. It is reported that the cost of sugar accounted for more than 50% in the candy cost. The price of sugar was escalated rapidly, and increased the raw material costs of candy industry.

To overview China confectionery market, candy companies also have been constantly pursuing new way in changing, and refine category and tastes. Candy industry has experienced from a heavier quality to a heavy taste, and now to be centered on the changing process of nutrition and health. Some different products were made by Snack manufacturers. From traditional wedding sugar, holiday sugar to vitamin candy and even throat-soothing candy and diet candy were created.

White rabbit creamy candy of the Old crown living garden has been on sale since 1959 are still very popular among consumers. And up to now, it still can bring huge profits to establishment. Besides, BVI plans that combine the candy of New Year with the New Year culture of Chinese, and integrate into the life of ordinary people. As for their strategic product, Crunchy candy is a must-have necessity by cushions in New Year. Finally, Ferrero is the magnate of chocolate, and it entered the Chinese market in 1984. However, one of the most famous Ferrero, Hazelnut chocolate wafer has been a Chinese couple's favorite chocolates.

Candy enterprises want to strategy of new product, they should have the following characteristic:  to conform the enterprise development strategy; to compare with similar products has a unique differentiation, occupy their own target groups; to focus on customer experience, deeply meet consumers’ psychological needs; to continue contributing huge profits for the enterprise and to enhance corporate.

The era is changing, and new product has a life time. People’s tastes and needs are constantly changing. Under such a trend, Candy manufacturers can make some different products cooperating with beverage manufacturers and expand markets. In the new era and the new crisis, brands also need to develop a strategic new product to maintain its leading position. It is the only way to maintain our leading position, and to be invincible.