Auto parts enterprises grasp the opportunities

29/08/2013 10:54

 When discussing the ideal relationship between vehicle plant and parts plants, the Minister of FAW-Volkswagen quality assurance department Sui Jian Zhong has an opinion of increasing the supply capability. In order to increase the capability, we can do the work on source, process and key suppliers. As for the management of suppliers, we will give them some help and manage them and urge them to improve themselves. Using the words of FAW - Volkswagen analogy Tiecheng former general manager, said that once we have chosen this vendor supply the parts, is equivalent to the couple married. We are sure to find a way to enhance the ability of the supplier, be sure to let the parts we need to be qualified.

China car modification parts industry, the current competitive structure is "a super, more strong." "A super" refers to the joint venture earlier, supporting enterprises more Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp, occupy the largest market share; "many strong" mainly refers to Hella, Valeo, Stanley and Xingyu shares. Five companies of this industry mainly high-end products, mastered including LED, AFS, headlight light guides and other new technologies, accounting for a market share of 70%. Which is the only one of Changzhou Xingyu own brands. Zhou Xiaoping chairman, said, starting in 2005, Changzhou Xingyu has become the domestic sales of the first own-brand lights, headlights our products cover all products.

Now, Changzhou Xingyu has formed a complete research system on lights, with simultaneous development with Vehicle plant strength. In the meantime, it also established an independent mold, tooling development, and manufacturing plant and Technology Center has 230 people. You can complete project management, product design, process design and prototype tooling and there are some basic research. The project support, including mold, materials, etc.; which has 2007 on access to national laboratories Changzhou Xingyu laboratories. In addition, Changzhou Xingyu steadily domestic layout, Changchun respectively in Foshan and the establishment of subsidiaries; Changzhou Xingyu International has taken the first step in the establishment of subsidiaries in Europe.

Because of this ability, Changzhou Xingyu bears some special and meaningful projects, such as the 60th anniversary of the convertible red review car headlights, etc. "It is our great honor," Zhou Xiaoping, not without pride said.

Apart from the light industry, the auto parts industry also need to improve themselves, especially for the tire mold and motorcycle mirror.