Auto parts’ sale system should be modified

13/09/2013 10:58

 With the rapid development of the automotive industry, having a private car is no longer a distant dream for the people. Most of the people can afford cars, but can not afford automobile accessories which make the owners feel so “injury”. The auto parts prices were inflated to break this pattern on the need for "auto brand sales management implementation approach" to modify, change the "exclusive license and distribution" requirement.

In Zhengzhou, a crown for being blisters front, 4S shops all repaired and having the car decoration offer is 390,000 Yuan, while the price of the car itself is only 330,000 Yuan! In the list on the circuit board, computer modules and their associated lines have changed, light electrical fittings doing 4S shops offer more than 20 million, of which a sound assembly, offer nearly 75,000 Yuan! In this regard, 4S shop staff expressed sympathy that: "Parts prices are not decided by them, and the price is set by factory!"

Currently, the "auto brand sales management implementation method," under the provisions of automobile manufacturers in product sales and channel has a monopoly on the right, so that China has tens of millions of owners of passive consumption of expensive parts.

According to the "auto brand sales management implementation approach", automotive supplier’s dealer’s circulation of the terminal has direct constraints. Especially for the automobile brand sales without authorization or do not have the operating conditions of enterprises, may not provide car resources. Car brand monopoly prices for branded products can be described as radical.

Leading auto parts prices were inflated reasons: First, the current models on the market increased, some of the car is hard to find original parts in the repair factory; Secondly, some auto parts have a major impact on safety even minor parts, some car owners based on security concerns also tend to choose original pieces instead of deputy plant parts; Finally, the "original parts must be used when repairs can continue to enjoy Warranty Services" clause allows owners can only bow to accept inflated spare parts.

It should be noted that the long-standing high-priced car parts can adversely affect the development of the automobile market.

On the one hand, through the layers of taxes and automobile manufacturers, distributors After the increase, the price of the car on the high side, but inflated auto parts is equivalent fare is hidden, it will be further suppressed market demand; On the other hand, is rooted in auto parts inflated monopoly, which would nerve paralysis car prices and reduce the degree of market competition, China's auto market is not conducive to overall progress.

Apart from the auto parts, the motorcycle accessory is also inflated during this year.