China office stationery industry

08/06/2013 11:22


When the haze of industry has already dispersed, in 2013, the office supplies market is poured into a booster by the hot sales of the market. With the high expectation and unknowing in 2013, what changes will be turned in the office stationery industry? It is reported that, in 2013, there will be three changes in the office stationery industry.

Firstly, the sale situation would be recovered.

Winter and recovery have been the industry's hottest keywords. From 2010 to 2012, the Office Stationery manufacturers and the Office Stationery distributors are looking forward to get warm in the market. But they felt more and more disappointed, and the retail market kept dismal without any sign of recovery. In 2013, the market seems to have a welcomed change. Increased demand of writing instruments and trading in the market are very active, such as File Folder, Ball point pen and Ink Cartridge. Enterprises have entered a new round of stationery procurement, so the market is in a good scenario of hot sales.

However, there are also a significant number of stationery retailers still holding a pessimistic attitude to the market. They thought the long time to downturn has made the market so weak that could not rapidly get recovered. Many stationery brand agents have also weakened. And channels of disruption were changed. It was believed that it is very difficult to reproduce the bursting situation for the stationery industry within three years.

Secondly, new promotions and marketing topics would be updated.

Manufacturers’ promotional stationery market is most effective promotions mean which is also   the industry hottest words in 2012. Through the waves of factory sales, this invisible price war has made the stationery dealers to seize a lot of market share in a falling market. However, what is Market main sales promotion and marketing theme in this year? This year seems to not to be simple in which the consumer has found out the stationery business, and understand the benefit ways. Promotions and marketing theme of this year will be design and efficient elements to expand more conform to the changes in the social economy.

Thirdly, popular style and color trend will change the situation

Being similar to fashion, what style and color trends will be change in this year? Combined with domestic and foreign popular index analysis, intelligent and deep blue will become the mainstream color of the office stationery supplies this year. On the other hand, a popular color is the primary colors. It is the natural color cortex and woodiness material itself. Its dark dumb low-key and smooth the look and feel of the win with all ages of consumers favor.