Chinese antique furniture of children’s dream room

10/05/2013 10:33

 After youth day will usher in a happy children's Day. Children on this day can enjoy mischief and goofed. Of course, colorful, fun childhood how can less a unique own interesting room. The colors, lovely shape, comfortable soft-mounted are the unique elements to ensure the children's room. But different gender and personality of children, their room style and furnishings will decided by their parents. Generally speaking, girl’s room is distinctively decorated with light, bright colors and floral prints.

How to place the Amusement Rides and planning a small space is an issue for parents. The following are the different styles of children's room:

The Blue Environment + Chinese antique furniture

Using blue, pink and white three main color of the proportion appropriately is the better way to show the color contrast of the children's room. Dado of blue and pink roof, not only greatly enrich the level and change of color, and decorative details more icing on the cake.

Full of artistic style

If your child has the temperament of the artist, such as he likes scrawl on the walls of your home, then you can decorate a room to hang up your child's artistic masterpieces. If a children’s room with the artist temperament, his room should be having a lot of place to show his masterpiece. As shown above, one wall has a full two rows of children painting and it is a nice design. On the other wall, a very beautiful house style in the photo frame.

Full of warmth

If your child is a girl loves cooking. A suit of pink kitchen ware toy will be able to make her dream come true at home, cooking and washing by herself, the kitchen ware are available in all varieties. Let child to enjoy cooking.

The children's room decoration should focus on the performance of the child's lively soft pink, blue and white stripes on the dado, and the room immediately becomes warm and lovely. Bedding, tablecloths and curtains all the details with the wall color is very uniform, leaving a small space into perfection.

Even if your house is small and you should give your child a perfect little world. It is often a good idea to start with smaller, easily achievable goals. Therefore, as parents, you should know more about your child.  What is noteworthy is that the quality of the decoration materials are safe, and is appropriate for children.