Chinese Tire to get rid of "low-end products"

09/09/2013 15:44

 Recently, the Brazilian Trade Protection Agency sent a letter to the Chinese Embassy in the Brazilian Embassy Commercial Counselor's Office, said it has concluded a car tire or tire mold imports from China anti-dumping review, the outcome of the review decision will impose $1.08 to $ 2.17 / kg of anti-dumping duties from Chinese homemade car tires. According to the analysis of the industry, in addition to domestic and international trade environment, their problems are the main reason. If the tire industry wants to get rid of the “low-end products”, the relative company should be trying themselves to improve their ability. Statistics show that Brazil's anti-dumping investigation of China's tire is from the second half of last year, mainly for 13-inch and 14-inch made ​​a small passenger car tires. Last year, when Brazil put forward the anti-dumping investigation, China was required to lodge a protest. The announcement of Brazil, is a ruling last year, the survey results and announced.

In recent years, China's tire industry once again by anti-dumping investigation and filing, which is harm to China's tire export enterprises. Until the end of 2012, China has the domestic tire companies about500, and there are more than 300 tire companies in the Shandong Province, and the number of tire company is increasing, and most of them are small company, which has a low concentration, and the products of exports are basing on maneuver small passenger cars and bicycles with pneumatic tires of rubber-based. Although some of the tire companies put a stronger focus on branding and independent research, by doing this the companies can not improve the whole industry.

As industrial investment is overheating, resulting in a sharp rise in inventories, so exports become the only way for the company. Data show that China's tire exports accounted for about 42% of domestic production and it shows a large number of Chinese tire export is overcapacity.

"Chinese tire has anti-dumping investigations frequently. On the one hand there are Chinese enterprises themselves, on the other, nor can the blame to the enterprise." National Passenger Car Market Information Co Deputy Secretary-General Chui Dongshu, "said the Foreign Venture passenger car tires account for 70% market share in the high-end trucks, buses tire market also occupy a larger share because of the brand, technology and other aspects at the disadvantage, the independent brand tires had to enter the international market. "

Chui Dongshu believed that because many countries against Chinese tires frequently initiated anti-dumping investigations, often not justified, not only hurt the Chinese tire enterprises, the local market is not a small impact. "China should learn from the European PV industry practice of dumping events, through the national will to put pressure on these countries, otherwise more and more countries will follow suit. Government enterprises should also be made more focused and effective guidance."

Apart from the car tire, there many car modification parts and wholesale motorcycle accessories companies, which should be improving their capabilities.

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