Cleverly use Condiment is healthier

29/05/2013 17:41

 Salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate are necessary Condiments to increase the taste and flavor when cooking at home.

Some housewives are particular care about cooking. Therefore they would add some salt in the dish, except for adding some soy sauce to increase the sense of color and flavor. Furthermore, monosodium glutamate is also a choice for tasted food which would make the food more delicious. To brief, soy sauce, salt and monosodium glutamate are the most common seasoning in a family Kitchen Cleverly use Condiment is more important choose for our healthier.

l  Reducing salt intake

The main composition of refined salt is sodium, but, some healthy and low sodium salts are also appeared on the market by Snack manufacturers. But, whether this salt is healthier? In fact, to use low sodium potassium instead of Kalium is not suitable everyone. In particular, the people have functional problems of renal is an example. They should not only just pay special attention to the intake amount, but also be careful about whether Kalium content of blood is high or not. Because of it is easy to cause arrhythmia, and even lead to a life risk. Therefore, the people suffering from kidney disease must be careful when choosing edible salt.

l  Put soy sauce in fridge after use

Most people would shun the preservatives. According to statistics, half of soy sauce contains preservatives. When you use it properly and legally, the preservatives would be harmless to the human body. If without adding preservatives or a little alcohol content in soy sauce, it will endanger human health. Therefore, we suggest that you'd better put soy sauce in low temperature place and not be directly exposed to sunlight. Even if you can put a refrigerator, it won't mildew or browning.

l  Chicken essence should not put over-amount

Adding Chicken essence can make bland dish become a delicious one. But after eating these dishes, some people will be easily feel thirsty, or even get sick, such as headache, heart palpitations and vomiting,

We should pay more attention to try to prevent excessive spices which would be harm for the body.  Try to keep the original tasty when cooking food. If using too much Condiment, it would damage the food's nutrition. And it is even bad for you and your family’s health. This is the problem of adding seasoning in family diet. To cleverly use Condiment is healthier.