18/04/2013 15:53

 Crafts are the product of handicrafts. It is process raw material and semi-product to the finished products by handwork. And it is the best name of the worth crafts. Crafts come from life, and then it created the worth above the life. It is crystallization of the people’s wisdom, and to show the creativeness and artistic quality of human being.

1.       Weaving Crafts. Weaving is one of the oldest handicrafts in the world. Weaving Crafts is process branch, leaf, stem and bark to make semi-manufactured goods, after that people will knit it to make a craft by hand. In the matter of raw materials, colors and handwork, weaving crafts show that an art characteristics of natural, simple, fresh, concise and so on. In the weaving crafts, rich and colorful patterns are often taking shape in the process of knit utensils, but some weaving technology itself is shaped motif design. Therefore, the weaving technology is more important in the modeling and vignette than weaving craft itself.

2.       Wooden Crafts. Wooden Crafts are made of a great variety of wood. In some method of manufacture, either machine production or pure hand-made are show a unique national style of wooden crafts. Let us understand that it contain fine workmanship, novel design, diversified styles and natural Color of wooden crafts. How to keep wooden crafts clean and tidy is a difficult problem for users. You can use a clean fabric to scrub off the dirt in everyday life. Do not use the chemical brightener as the wooden crafts may suffer from destroy.

3.       Metal Crafts. Metal Crafts is made of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, or add some other materials to make the exquisite crafts. Metal crafts are primarily produced in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Yunnan and so on. With long year’s age, owing to smelting technology progress, the metal materials are increase, and that metal crafts have greatly proliferated. Before the 50s in 20 century, the metal crafts are mainly done by handwork. However, after the 50s in 20 century, with the progresses and development of industry, the parts supporting process are gradually being run on mechanization.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the requirements of the people are also changing. About crafts, more and more people are like some special characteristics of art and practical fashion of it. Exquisite workmanship is the outstanding characteristic of these artistic handworks.