Environmental protection in Office Stationery

16/05/2013 10:31

 Under the background of the energy conservation and emissions reduction, “green office” now has become a very hot fashion word. When mentioning green office, people will immediately think about double-sided printing, paperless office and etc. But the essence of green office is not so simple on saving paper. And the energy consumption level of Office Stationery also has a direct effect on green office.

Reusing and recycling Plastic Bag. No matter how large your order is, some plastic bag maybe will be thrown away ultimately. You can think about how to deal with the plastic bag, before putting them to specialized agencies for reprocessing. For example, cardboard boxes can be used to pack for shipping things. Plastic bag and plastic foam can be deposited or to protect some valuables.

When purchasing, large quantities of purchase is not only for saving money, but also avoiding for often ordering from office supplies store. If you browsers cantonfairtrading.com to order batching, you can also enjoy the low price, and get free delivery.

Collecting waste paper and waste metal is of great help. Waste paper and metal scrap are both recyclable materials.

Regulatory paper usage a policy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released statistics show that, in general, the average each person each day waste paper reach 0.7 kg in the office. You can save the paper usage. Copy paper is used on both sides. To buy the high recycled ingredients of paper.

To buy the refill ink for inkjet cartridges is fair. When the Ink Cartridge runs out, the best way is to refill ink instead of buying a new one. Generally, an ink cartridge can be refilled for 10 times, so that it can save up to 75% of expenses than buying a new inkjet cartridge.

Knowing the serial number of plastic products is needed. A lot of office supplies are made of plastic. In order to facilitate processing again, you need to understand what materials of the plastic products are made of. Each plastic product is labeled with a recycling logo, to check the number and you can know that the product is produced by what kind of material.

Making an office supplies recycling plan would be nice. Office is a place like home, so that you must classifying garbage processing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 40% of municipal solid waste from the offices.

“Staring with me and support environmental protection”, everyone should fulfill its social responsibility, as well as each unit should assume social responsibility. Every weekday, we spend more than 8 hours in the office, if each office users have a green heart during working hours, everyone involved environmental vision can be realized.