Fashion life with the environmental

21/05/2013 11:29

 Once we saw miniascape of urban design in Japan and apprised that the people cherish their own living environment. Gradually, this trend has been in China. Environmental protection and fashion are two main items nowadays.

When environmental protection became the behavior which everyone can participate in. And then the green idea would be penetrating into our usual life. Even old fashion things and life styles, such as an old canvas bag, taking bus and improving the utilization rate of Office Stationery. Now, these become the most fashionable way of living, which is stop wasting and stick to recycling and saving. That’s green life.

The green initiative is inspired by waste. To open the window for air cycling is better than turning on the air conditioner. To switch to sleeping mode is an electricity saving way when the computer is not in use temporarily. Please use recyclable canvas bag instead of Plastic Bag when you go shopping and so on. Everyone should always review whether the details in daily are green or not.

Some people think that the constant demand of quality life for people is red, but the destruction of the environment is black. Can we find a green life between the red and the black? According to this thought, the green life should be able to minimize the harm for environment. In short, it is to consume the least amount of resources and energy. Someone said that every little thing is associated with green. Reducing the amounts of business trip and reducing the chances of printing by Ink Cartridge are both practices and workable. Although they are a small effort, the dribs and drabs together is green living.

Green life needs everyone with green behavior. However, how far is the green life from us? The resources of the earth are becoming less and less, if human beings keep blindly use and use them just according to their own wishes, it would be a disaster. If human keep wasting the resource, there would be not enough even supposing human has two Earth.

Bai YanSong, a CCTV host, said that before controlling desire, you need to have a green state of mind. He was very worried about people would babble about green issues which will produce an illusion. Said is easier than done, which is totally useless for environment protection. As a matter of fact, the green living is not an armchair strategist. Action is the most important thing.