Focus on large customers, office supplies industry highlights new market positioning

10/07/2013 11:25

 Chengdu office supplies market is in the market competition pattern, even if it is the first merchants in the market and the market share is less than 5% and also difficult to becoming the leader absolutely. Meanwhile, competition between businesses are at a low level, and breeding a cut-throat market, shoddy, not timely delivery, quality of service and unstable are becoming a chaos in the office supplies market. Not only service providers are difficult to get a healthy development, but also customer value is lost in the clutter of the market environment.

How to tap the core competitiveness of enterprises, upgrading service system, from increased customer value to meet their needs, and thus reach a win-win situation are becoming the problem that the office supplies industry must be tackled. In order to solve this problem, we have  a special trip to visit several office products supplier in Chengdu and find that the Sangu in Chengdu has the market prospects for breakthrough.

To adapt to changes in the market, through the ongoing strategic adjustment, Sangu is unique in the industry, and determining to focus on large customers as market positioning.

The reason to focus large customers, because they have a distinctive common: The management of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is very strict, because the production of raw materials once out of stock is intolerable thing for the enterprise. As for office supplies, the companies do not have the normative inventory management generally, so this kind of customer service office products supplier is still very strict requirements.

After determining the position of focus on large customers, the focus of which meet the needs of large customers becomes the next key. According to feedback of market research last for many years, large customers during the office procurement, the top three needs are quality, enough products, and fast delivery. Which most concern to customers, but also the market short board is having enough products for customer to select? Today, office supplies stationery already exceeded the previous concept and it include the a variety of items using in office, including office paper, office stationery, office supplies, office equipment, ink cartridge, computers and accessories, digital products, file folder, office furniture, business gifts in manufacturing and electronic whiteboard, the departments responsible for procurement of office supplies and sometimes handling personnel protective equipment. And corporate procurement officers should not only deal with a number of suppliers, sometimes even hundreds of dollars to purchase products on the market are forced to go everywhere, which makes office procurement companies have to become complex and more time, manpower, pay transport costs. Market demand is the direction of enterprise development, Sangu proposed a "homogeneous product" value proposition. This is not only the core needs of the customer is not satisfied, but also the enterprise's traditional strengths. We learned that the Sangu is establishing a more than 1,500 suppliers in 20 years in the country and in the ERP system and precipitated several kinds of commodities procurement information, including suppliers, procurement costs, etc., can very quickly implementation of the procurement, and fully meet the government, finance, manufacturing, and other lines of customers' needs.