How to do with cosmetic allergy?

26/06/2013 17:05

Cosmetics, for a woman, it symbolizes a second life, because it allows a woman to become beautiful, confident and attractive. However, when a lot of women are enjoying the advantages of cosmetics which bring transformation in their own, but they have to face a cosmetic problem--" how to do with cosmetic allergy?" Visited every doctors, and asked to find thousands of people, but they still can not find how to solve this problem in a best way. "In fact, for a skin allergies, using the most suitable cosmetic for such a skin allergy is the best answer to solving this problem.” said by expert who is working for a famous sensitive skin care brand --IMSANQUA(a Cosmetics suppliers and Cosmetics manufacturers).

But how can we choose the anti-allergic cosmetics which is not allergic to our skin ? Let’s hear the suggestion of experts of IMSANQUA.

Firstly, exfoliating cosmetic is unavailable, which is the first point to solve the problem of cosmetic allergy. The main reason for skin allergies is that the sensitive skin cuticle is thin and horny damage. So for people who has sensitive skin using exfoliating cosmetic not only will not achieve any positive effect, but also will damage the allergic skin. Thus, if you have skin allergy, it is best to stay away from the products of scrub cleanser, exfoliating ointment .

Secondly, using the appropriate sunscreen more often, this is the second point to solve the problem of cosmetic allergy . Since many women's skin allergy phenomenon is caused by ultraviolet radiation, so for the skin allergies, it is very important to use sunscreen or other protective measures. Notably, sunscreen would inevitably contain a lot of factors which is likely to cause skin allergies, so it is better to use sunscreen products after basic care.

Thirdly, moisturizing skin care products must be used, which is the third point to solve the problem of cosmetic allergy. Since allergies cuticle is thin and can not lock the moisture effectively within the skin, so paying attention to moisturizer work is very important for the allergic skin. In selecting replenishment products, we should not select the products which contain alcohol and spices, because these composition is very likely to cause skin irritation.

“There are many friends asking how to deal with skin allergy, mostly because they do not use a suitable anti-allergic cosmetics. Here is a suggest that you should be careful when selecting a number of cosmetics and try to pick a good reputation on the China cosmetic market and the popularity of high professional on anti-allergic cosmetics.”