Introduction of Chinese famous snack

03/07/2013 14:19

As we all know ,china was famous for its snack, and one of the largest snack manufactures and snack suppliers in the world. Chinese pastry snacks have a long history, variety flavor. Pasta snacks can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, which was existing Shimo that processed flour and made of powdered food. During the Spring and Autumn Period, there have been fried and steamed pasta, such as honey bait, elixirs food, grits food and so on. Since then, with cooking utensils and stove improvement, the raw materials, production method and variety of Chinese pastry snack increasingly rich. There were many popular snacks, such as the northern dumplings, noodles, Ramen, pancakes, dumplings, etc.; southern dumpling, spring rolls, dumplings, Yuanxiao, fritters, etc. In addition, around according to their Bussan and folk customs, and evolved many with strong local characteristics of snacks. Such as:

Beijing's coke ring, honey twist, Wandou Huang, Ai Wo Wo, Chaogan burst belly.

Shanghai's crab yellow, Nanxiang Xiaolongmantou, small Shaoxing chicken congee.

Tianjin’s hoarse Pakistani dishes, Goubuli buns, Erduoyan fried cake, boiled fish paste cake, clappers fruit, Guifa Xiang cannabis, spiced donkey.

Taiyuan’s kaolao, Daoxiao noodle, pulling tablets.

Xian’s steamed mutton cattle, dry state daguokui, Lanzhou Ramen, oil daguokui.

Xinjiang’s roast lamb, roasted Nang, pilaf.

Shandong pancake.

Jiangsu’s fired Scallion, soup packets, three small steamed buns, crab fired dumpling.

Zhejiang’s butter cake, Chong Li cakes, fresh meat within zongzi, shrimp, eel surface burst, purple rice pudding.

Anhui’s porridge, DAIJUJIA, Huizhou cake, bean curd rice.

Fujian oyster pie, grasping surface, spiced bundle hoof, Ding Bian Hu.

Taiwan's degree Satsuki noodle, eel Noodles, golden claw rice.

Hainan’s fried dumplings, bamboo rice.

Henan’s daguokui jujube, sugar coke cake, egg bag, blood tea, chicken rolls.

Hubei’s Sam Sun Doupi, Yunmeng fried fish noodles, dry noodles, Dongpo cake.

Hunan’s new rice, brain volume, rice, Eight turtle and mutton Huogongdian tofu.

Guangdong's Chicken Biscuits, egg cakes, ice meat pastry, Guangdong moon cake, lotus seed paste pastry bag, hedgehog buns, fruit powder, thin porridge shrimp dumplings, rabbit dumplings, steamed crab dumpling and other dry.

Guangxi‘s Big meat zhongzi, Guilin rice horse, fried worms.

Sichuan’s egg bake cakes, Long Chao Shou, the wheat fried on the glass, Dan Dan noodles, chicken noodle, tangyuan Lai, Yibin burning surface, pork lungs in chili sauce, mplight beef, dumplings steamed beef.

Huizhou’s intestinal Wang noodle, silk doll, Yelang fish noodle, lotus leaf cake.

Yunnan’s stewed beef, roasts Erkuai, bridge noodle and so on.

In addition, there are a large number of ethnic minorities’ flavor characteristics of food, greatly enriched the Chinese culinary culture. All in all, you can find lots of Chinese snack contain with plastic bag and it is easy to bring.