Living conditions of the auto parts industry

18/09/2013 09:47

 In recent years, China's automobile accessories industry with an average growth rate of 24.5%, in 2013 the first quarter of China's vehicle production and sales have more than 5 million, the annual expected to be over 20 million. Along with China's rapid growth in car ownership, car parts industry is also developing rapidly.

In this market, the current home of approximately 35 million auto repair tools business, which has 250,000 is only a change of engine oil, a change of three filter "roadside store," relatively regular maintenance plant has 100,000 home, while for these 350,000 repair shops or enterprises to provide spare parts suppliers have more than 700 thousand. So it seems, in our country, whether maintenance plant or parts suppliers have a huge number. However, according to European and American automobile market experience, there will have to be integrated and eliminated the vast majority of enterprises, the market will grasp the scale of business in a few hands.

To those few among the ranks, either repair plant or parts suppliers are creating their own brands. However, as a terminal market changes in maintenance plant more worthy of our attention, it is also to enhance their parts suppliers will bring opportunities.

The brand has a certain scale maintenance plant not a priority "concerned parts supply channels and profit margins of protection", but priority components of "quality." Associations focus on the maintenance of spare parts factory has done a survey, draw the following data, Workshop on parts of the areas of concern: the quality of the attention value of 90% in the first row; quick delivery concern value 85%; service concern value is 70 percent; while supply channels and profit margins security concern is 45%, came in the last one.

According to the analysis, as China's consumer matures and "Auto Warranty Law" on the automotive aftermarket clear and inflexible requirement for car repair service companies put forward higher requirements, which is intuitively reflect on with pieces of strict quality requirements, combined with the "quality can bring profits" and other factors, it wants to become a quality brand parts repair business priority concerns.

Recently, the 2013 China International Auto Parts Expo Opens in Beijing, from various parts of the world well-known companies have participated in the exhibition. It is in the EU over the years, auto parts exhibition quality good reputation became the biggest winner of the show. By the relevant parties, auto parts raw materials such as rubber, steel, etc., prices continued to decline, will alleviate cost pressures, increase profitability, auto parts company will also constitute a new good quality of raw materials determines the auto parts quality determines the quality of auto parts industry's fate.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy the car modification parts to modify their cars.