Living room sofa

14/04/2013 21:51

 Living room sofa is necessary furniture of many families. Now every family will put a comfortable sofa in their living room for relaxing. Then how to choose a quality sofa is the first difficult problem for consumer.

With the requirement of people is constantly changing, sofa manufacturers has some fresh idea.

In the daily life, sofa is for rest, bull session and parlor, so it is the important item in the residence.

Sofa manufacturers think that sofa and the modeling seat must be substantial, such as the high-back sofa and the high-back seat. It is not only comfortable, but also safe.

The innovative style sofa is some people first choice. Its shape and color are showing the horse of the atmosphere. Plain-cloth sofa is the best choice of the house’s feng-shui, and the unassuming pattern may also be a good choose.

Sofa shape is designed into several categories, for example single sofa, double sofa, long sofa, circular sofa. In the material of sofa, there are leather sofa, cloth sofa and rattan sofa. On the other hand, its color and shape are more various.

Some people like to put a tea table in front of the sofa. It makes the home feel so harmonized. Someone said that to make tea with good water can show the flavor of the tea better, but now you can sit on the sofa to enjoy yourself. If you don’t like tea table, you can put a textile crafts in front of the sofa. If use marble lamp or floor lamp bedside the sofa, the effect will be better.

How to clear the sofa is a big headache problem for user. You should clear it by vacuum cleaner at regular intervals. Of course you can use wet towel to clear. You must take good care of the arm of sofa, backrest and crannies. If you use vacuum cleaner, you must know that don’t fully extended to use it, or the sofa will be disrupt. Secondly you can use cleansing to clear the sofa once a year. And after that you must wash cleansing thoroughly. Otherwise, it will be more vulnerable to fouling. Thirdly, you can buy a sheathing of the sofa in supermarket. The sheathing can wash repeatedly. If the sheathing is small, you can do it by washed repeatedly in home. If the sheathing is big, you can take it to the dry cleaning shop.