Looking the development of the cosmetics industry through recalling tide

24/07/2013 11:17

If you allow the Chinese consumers to make a choice about cosmetics, cosmetics safety must be the primary option for the Chinese consumer. Because it is an extremely sensitive era that he public's nerves have been frequently pressed by the cosmetics security issues.

However, the current situation is not optimistic. According to the statistical data on the first half of this year, the domestic cosmetics market accidents occur frequently, especially the leader of industry which had some quality problems and a cosmetic product recalling tide. Undoubtedly, it will make consumers cosmetics safety warning index to soar.

The chemical industry analyst of Champoux Consulting pointed out that facing with today's wider choice, consumers are more demanding and competition is more intense in the cosmetics market, especially Chinese consumer are facing with safety issues frequently in all areas. Under the premise that the consumers are insufficient confidence in all categories of goods in the safety, how to ensure the safety and quality of products will become necessary conditions for healthy development of the cosmetics industry in the China cosmetics market.

For the development stage, the cosmetics industry in China is growing currently at real power stage. The purchasing power of Chinese consumers is getting stronger, fashion awareness is gradually formed, and therefore, it is the golden period for the cosmetics industry to develop. Whether domestic cosmetics industry or international cosmetics brands, however, if it can not adopt a strict standard in the safe and build up a responsible and safe image in front of the Chinese consumers, it certainly will influence the development of enterprises in the late. And we can find that the consumers also think highly of the package of the cosmetics, especially for the plastic bag.

Fortunately, compared with international cosmetics brand’s recalling tide, negative news of Chinese cosmetics industry are rare. This is good for establishing Chinese consumers to support domestic consumption concept is undoubtedly a driving force. But for most of the origin roots of local cosmetics companies, how to expand scale development under the professional standards and financial strength and how to occupy a certain market share in today’s market.

Champoux Consulting published in the "2010-2013 China's cosmetics industry analysis and investment feasibility study report" pointed out: the China cosmetics industry does not lack of market in a golden development period, but how to win the consumers in the competitive market will be the industry's current and relatively long period of time in the future. For the local cosmetics industry, it is not only need to ensure the safety of products, but also need to stand out in a short period of time and not lose market share and this task seems more daunting. But as long as a good development strategies for cosmetics suppliers or manufactures, after arduous task and will certainly usher in a better future.