Manufacturers have to focus on expanding moderately priced varieties of wine

09/08/2013 10:48

"Chinese wine industry after nearly 10 years of rapid development has entered a period of depth adjustment. Industry consolidation, increasing concentration is the trend. Chinese liquor manufacturers should to pay attention to strengthen of the "waist” (the varieties of moderately priced)." Chinese wine industry Association chairman Wang Yancai to participate in Handan "Wuliangye liquor filling Hebei Linzhang industrial Park" project signing ceremony as expressed above.

Handan Municipal People's Government, Linzhang People's Government, Wuliangye Co., Ltd. and other units to build a "Hebei Linzhang liquor filling Industrial Park" project signing ceremony was held in Handan. The parties signed the "About investment to set up" Hebei Yong Bu Fen Li wine Company Limited " and to build linzhang Hebei industrial Park liquor filling a strategic framework agreement" and " About funded the establishment of Hebei Yong Bu Fen Li wine Company Limited Contribution Agreement."

Li Ming, Linzhang CPC Committee Secretary, introduction that the parties work together to create "Hebei Linzhang liquor filling Industrial Park" and is expected to total investment of 6 billion Yuan, after the project completed, the annual production capacity of liquor filling 30,000 tons and is expected to total sales income of 6,000,000,000 Yuan. He thought the project will achieve revenue 600 million Yuan or more and more than 5,000 people to solve the employment.

Wang Yancai was pointed out that it is the time when China wine industry has entered a period of depth adjustment and industry consolidation, increasing concentration is the trend. Wuliangye liquor and other Chinese leader company should adapt to market changes, achieve nation-wide strategic layout, expanding the low-end market share, and further reinforce the company's "waist" strategy. Its strong brand, quality of the original wine, first-class technology, sufficient funds, excellent corporate culture and advanced management concepts and so on will be implementing and promoting the "going out" strategy, and quickly occupied the low-end market to provide a solid and powerful protection.

Tang Qiao, Wuliangye Group chairman, at the signing ceremony, said that in the future the base wine of all new company products will be directly transported to linzhang from Sichuan Yibin. The blending and filling will be in linzhnag and make good use of multilateral cooperation force, give full play to Hebei Yong regardless of Hebei Yong Bu Fen Li wine Company Limited established market resources, channel resources, as well as regional market advantage of the higher brand awareness, market development in line with consumer demand in North China regional mid-products, which is to adapt to market changes and growth Wuliangye "waist" brand tension innovations.

As we all know, Chinese wine industry plays an important role in our country, but the condiment or seasoning also play a vital role.