Micro letter to sell wine, new channel for group purchase

31/07/2013 09:29

In July, Chongqing some operators launch platform for the micro letter to sell wine in operation, causing great concern to the industry. Compare with the traditional electric business model such as taobao, jiuxian network, the micro letter was introduced a few years and becoming liquor platform quickly, of micro letter incredibly, and the speed of using it to sale the wine is amazing.

It is known that micro letter launched in 2011, now has more than 300 million users, a large number of users present a great commercial opportunity and most of the merchant think highly of it. After QQ marketing, microblogging marketing, the micro-channel marketing naturally becomes the next hot spot.

Many international brand such as Rejoice, Starbucks have already had their own micro letter public account, and occupy micro letter platform become the trend. Moreover, the plastic toys and the clothes also suit to microblogging marketing. The China wine industry has been seeking a breakthrough natural unwilling to lag behind, after micro-channel liquor platform launch, it seems that letting this area become the new focus.

In fact, in addition to the ordinary form of showing with internet pages, promoting their products in the B2C model, using QQ, microblogging and other instant messaging software or the media publishing software to do publicity for the product is not uncommon.

 Before the advent of the micro letter, microblogging was the hottest media platform, is the most concerned marketing platform. 140 words satin + picture + link is a standard form of propaganda for many products. Constantly, microblogging will soon drown the original information.

This time, one on one interaction, released information in circle of friends, with real-time voice, text, micro letter communication function, the micro letter gradually catch up and become the business of "the new darling."

    Making good use of micro letter marketing is not without precedent. Xi'an Qu Chi-commerce in June this year opened a public micro letter account, only the average consumer plus the concern, can they get the latest product of the company's promotional message.

Much merchant use the micro letter release information, in fact, the effect may be not as good as microblogging. As microblogging has property of opening and make it easier to carry the timely dissemination of information. But the micro letter has some privacy; more belongs to a circle of communication or a communication tool.

     It is understood that the form of micro letter shopping not only in the wine industry is a new thing, but also in other areas are also rare. As for operator of liquor whose micro letter platform has been set up is a new way for them to sale the wine.

Micro letter platform in the short term will not have much influence; it just represents the future development direction, and can not replace the traditional offline channels, or other electricity supplier channels. All in all, the Chinese wine industry is heading farther and farther.