Office supplies industry analysis

07/08/2013 11:50

 China's annual sales of office supplies have more than 1000 Yuan, and there are 17 million manufacturers in 2004. China has become the world's largest consumer of office supplies. But in the global trade of about $ 200 billion market, the China office supplies consumer market accounted for only 5.8%.

Two named Office Depot, Staples of U.S. companies, since 1986, by virtue of a special office stationery supermarket chain business model in 18 years, the development of the world top 500.

Most people are very familiar with "Office supplies", and the range of office supplies including particularly broad, small pencil to file folder a few bucks, large on a million computers, fax machines, electronic whiteboard and so on. Office Supplies solidarity with the people's work, has formed a fixed industries. Office supplies in the industry include: office stationery, office equipment and office furniture.

China has a huge market and China currently has more than 300 million urban population, the population has grown rapidly, more than 80 cities has more than one million population, and the city's consumption level improved significantly. The level of consumption in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, these world-class cities, also ranks above the international average. According to the statistics show that last year, China's overall office products sales reached 100 billion or more. Ownership of which is estimated by 2002, China has 6.5 million unit’s stylus machines, inkjet machines 8850000, 1500000 copier, 6000000 fax machine, the annual consumption of various supplies worth more than 25 billion Yuan. These statistics are fully revealing market potential for office supplies. In the big cities, per capita annual consumption of office products has reached 100 Yuan or more, and is far from saturated. As the large office supplies supermarket chains have been established, for the Chinese office supplies in the world launched a new situation.

First, one step reaches all office needs

As for the office supplies procurement staff, procurement of office supplies often want to purchase in one place, whether it is small enough to pen and ink, or large computers, and office supplies chain just to meet the various needs of people. Procurement office as the online membership massive single-handedly integrated office products supplier. Covering large supermarket on thousands of products up office supplies products, such as computer installed, file copying, binding, digital printing, printing business cards and stationery, OA equipment, IT products and some office furniture and other office in all.

Second, Sunshine procurement

In order to comply with consumer interests and administrative procurement industry regulation, many office supplies supermarket chains come up with "Sunshine procurement". This action not only brought the entire industry manage ecosystems of the times change, but also will gradually establish new rules of the game.

Third, professional field of office supplies

In the U.S., professional office supplies supermarket has been very mature, such as Office Depot, Staples, are used for 18 years the world has reached 500, and their annual turnover to achieve more than 100 billion dollars, and the number of branches all over 1000. In order to catch up with the international trend, China office supply industry will have a professional field.