Promoting rubber industrial upgrading

06/09/2013 11:20

 China's synthetic rubber industry has been showing a continued increase trend, with the growing trend of global economic integration, synthetic rubber in the international market has also formed a solid export structure. At this stage, synthetic rubber industry has shown the amount of imports is much larger than the amount of export development status.

Import and export amount of synthetic rubber is varying in different parts. To the amount of imports, Shandong Province, the maximum amount, nearly $ 550 million, while exports amounted is $ 69 million of Jiangsu Province.

Synthetic rubber products can compete with natural rubber in performance, and also has the advantage of low prices; most importantly it has a wide range of needs in our own market. Synthetic rubber products in performance can compete with natural rubber, but also has the advantage of low prices, wide range of needs in our own market. However, the status of China's synthetic rubber production can not meet the huge market demand, while domestic production of synthetic rubber enterprises in some complex process, high-quality products is difficult to achieve large-scale production, which leads to our dependence on imports of synthetic rubber products strongly.

Compared to last year, import and export amount of synthetic rubber around both show a downward trend, Fujian, Shandong and other places about 40% decline in exports, the industry overcapacity urging rapid transformation, improvement in the level of market saturation, product imports gradually reduced, while the requirements of industrial restructuring will further collapse of synthetic rubber to the low end, extensive pattern of export-oriented products, synthetic rubber industry to promote more rational and healthy export trend formation.

As we all know, the rubber products have a widely usage in different industry. And more and more company of medical supplies use the rubber as the materials. In order to upgrade the rubber industry, the government urges the construction industry use the rubber products.

To actively promote the wide application of emerging environmentally-friendly energy, Fujian plastic structure has undergone great changes accordingly. It is reported those in recent years, the province's plastics processing industry has been booming. According to statistics, the province's plastics processing enterprises above designated size 1033, employing about 14 million people, about 1.66 million tons of plastic products, industrial output value of 77.1 billion Yuan. The country's largest plastic packaging materials, plastic pipe production base and export base in plastic shoes initially built. Fujian Plastics Industry Association is responsible for that, not only can replace a large number of plastic building materials steel, wood, but also with energy-saving materials, ecological protection, improve building functionality and quality, reduce building weight, convenient construction and many other superior characteristics, known as the following wood, steel, cement, after the fourth generation of new building materials. He further stressed plastic steel has become a trend. Plastic products are now more widely used in scientific research, advanced manufacturing, daily necessities and so on.

With rubber applications is becoming more widely, and it making the rubber industry to speed up transformation and upgrading process. Apart from the rubber material, the plastic raw material is also very important in our daily life.