Rubber valley: Silicon Valley model "ecosystem"

22/08/2013 10:57

 On hearing the "rubber" valley, your mind may imagine a magical rubber plantation in Qingdao city. Came to the valley of rubber, found here is chemical rubber industry ecosystem. There are all kinds of enterprises as the rubber industry’s upstream and downstream, the demand side or the supply side. With the harmony symbiosis, resource sharing, to form the trade, technology, talents, information, culture, service highly clustered industry highlands.

 "Silicon valley" of rubber taking shape

Rubber Valley is to build the gold industry platform with unlimited potential to attract capital from various quarters to pour.

Natural rubber is white and the typical rubber tire is black, while the rubber valley to build a high-tech, low-carbon green "rubber Silicon Valley" for the development of blue Qingdao Economic which will provide a strong backing.

In 2012, China's rubber output value more than 8300 billion Yuan, has become a great nation of rubber supplier. And Qingdao Port throughput of rubber products accounted for 60%. Rubber Valley with climate, geography, and other resources has become an important gathering place for the rubber industry, and Hainan Rubber, soft control shares Sailun shares, binary shares, Germany Lanxess, the United States Cabot, Bekaert more than 160 enterprises has been assigned to the park.

As an industry platform, rubber valley gathered by all kinds of related enterprise of rubber industry, including plastic raw material, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, rubber products, tires, rubber machinery, chemical reagent, electrical and mechanical electronic manufacturing enterprises, and associated with rubber chemical industry’s software development, technology research, engineering design, industry associations, business incubation techniques as well as the service-oriented businesses, and also associated with the industry and trade enterprises. In the park there are so many Banks, investment guarantee, property rights transactions, a coaching, logistics, law, accounting, translation, consulting, human resources, property management, intermediary service institutions, which are related to the development of the enterprises and they will provide a full range of services.

According to the China Rubber Industry Association, Chinese rubber tire production and export volume has leapt to the world’s first, but the rubber industry is very fragmented, and the basic research is weak, excess capacity of low-end products, the lack of high-end products, and the low brand reputation in the world rubber industry, lack of power in the world rubber industry. China's rubber industry is in a big but not strong situation. During the "Twelve Five-year" period, China's rubber industry is the core of the strategy to grow stronger.

Rubber Valley use the experience of successful of U.S. Silicon Valley for reference, and use the Government to promoting, leading industry associations, universities supporting, enterprise participation and agency services’ "political research funding" this five model of development, both through the numerous industrial parks, science and technology park, industrial park visits, through painstaking research and repeated demonstration, and get inspiration from the ecological chain, explore a new model of development - "ecosystem" development model. For industry experts believe that China will promote the construction of Rubber Valley Rubber industrial structure, product structure adjustment and development mode, accelerate brand building for the Chinese rubber industry to explore a new model of development.