Tea Table Is More

21/03/2013 14:54

What do you think about tea tables? Do you think it is just for tea cup and remote controllers? It Is much more than that. Please have some expectations for it. You can picture it to hide the messes in living room also to decorate the corner in dark.

Living room is a multi-functional place. Except the time you go to bed, most of the time you spend in home is staying in living room for any activities. A tea cup could not only a thing to be put your tea cup, books and remote controller. Or even an extended spot of kitchen ware in living room.

In a small home, space is limited. Every square is gold. A tea table could be everything in case. If the space between television and sofa is just enough for two people to stay, it would be good to place two low and small one. Besides, arrange some cushions to surround it, it would become the main spot in living room for gathering, study and relax.

In another case of small room, a movable tea table is a good decision. If there is not enough space for Sideboard, TV stands and tea table, multi-functional furniture is essential. A movable one could save some space for you. In the afternoon, to lie on sofa and do some reading beside the tea table is relaxing. But at night, put it against the wall, the living room could be your bedroom.

Some people would like to be a completely sofa potato, those would be a little far for you. Setting a tea table just beside you is your dream choice that you could reach your drink without pressing pause during a film. A fixed tea table is localization. A movable table is an item for your free lifestyle. A new designed tea table’s stand is able to put under the sofa, which close it to you. And you could put your laptop on it without holding it.

 A tea table with a big table top is a friend to sofa potato. It could hold all your favorite snacks and devices on it without walking around your place to get them. Especially in winter, you would be proud of having it.

For decorating your place, a classic style tea table is amazing. It would totally match up with your Chinese antique furniture. The atmosphere of classical allusion is surrounding your home with it.