The 113th Canton Fair is a mutual-benefit activity

25/03/2013 12:07

Canton Fair is a high-end trading activity which would attract business men from all over the world. It started in 1957. It is the best international trading exhibition in China.

As it is the top trading fair in China, it helps worldwide business men to get to know China, a market with great profits, better. And China Canton Fair is also becoming more and more welcomed among entrepreneurs from developing countries. In addition, more and more entrepreneurs are planning to take part in the 113th Canton Fair, which will be open on 15th April 2013.

Thanks to its professional mode and quality service, it has received massive excellent comments from Canton Fair exhibitors. Some business men from new rising market think very highly of the opportunity of getting a chance to display products. They could take chance of displaying their products in the exhibition to compete with rivals from both price and quality. China Canton Fair is a place for home and foreign buyers and suppliers to communicate and make deal. This is a opportunity for them to achieve their milestone.

Ricardo Falavina is the owner of a Brazilian leather product manufacture, which is in the field of leather toys and leather handbag for accessories. After his first time attending Canton Fair, he said he was motivated by the exhibition and the attracted China market. And he was going to set up a factory to produce leather toy in China, which is cooperating with China-Brazil Investment Development & Trade Center.

A business manger of a Bolivian motorcycle part retailer, Ronald Montario, mentioned that they had found China product is in high quality and much cheaper than Europe’s one. He said Canton Fair was the real opportunity for their business.

Indian trader PraKafh Najnaya has participated Canton Fair since 2000. Najnaya explained that he could get updated information about China business every time he came. Besides, there were more products for you than any other exhibitions.

The China Canton Fair is appealing to African dealers. Jose, an African dealer came the first time last year, and commented that China economics was positive while the world is negative. He came to the exhibition in order to bring China goods back to re-energize theirs.

Canton Fair in the Promised Land for import and export business men. The Host welcomes all traders to participate the 113th China Canton Fair. Joining China top exhibition is a way to achieve your business.