The Characteristic and changes of China Cosmetics

06/06/2013 10:06

 China cosmetics industry is begin to change the old development model. The two levels of differentiation between Cosmetics manufacturers of brands are increasingly obvious. Some small and medium-sized brands’ products are lack of characteristic and their marketing ideas are lack of innovation which lead to their performances of sales decline is obvious. Others may be out of China’s cosmetics market. In contrast, some strong domestic brands are showing a good momentum of growth, and achieved good sales performance.

International and domestic famous brand shops have accelerated the channel development of the cosmetics store of China in 2012. The channel developments are in the second and third line then. This is a big impact for domestic brands, and will be suffer from different squeezes. Especially in the upcoming 2013, it is bound to be a bigger influence. Therefore, it is a very cruel but unavoidable reality problem.

In 2012, a part of domestic brands are still following some rapid spike type of way in the channel development and outstanding performance improvement. But, from the point of 2012, asking for purchasing meeting and canvass business orders meeting is not enough. The effectiveness of market development and the improvement of collection results are not promoted as well as before. The reason is Cosmetics suppliers and Cosmetics manufacturers consider that as a branding business, they must really pay attention to brand image and advertising and superior product quality, market service. At the same time it can help the market to drive sales brands quickly. It is the general dealers and distributors to make cooperation and the standards of collection of payment.

The market inventory of small branding business is not optimistic. Digesting the inventory problem is commonly concerned topic by brand dealers and agents. If this problem is not getting real attention and effective to be solved, some of the brands would be a false prosperity and the consequences unbearable to imagine.

In 2012, more and more new brands appeared unceasingly, they are cutting the specialist in Chinese cosmetics market cake together. Some of the new brand has broken the conventional competition rules, and penetrate into the market quickly, after that greatly contributed to the specialist in cosmetics market competition situation. Therefore, many small and medium-sized brands are affected by the evident.

As domestic small and medium-sized cosmetics brands, only focus on market, focused on the advantages of popular category, and focusing on the advantages of publicity and services, put effective resources concentrated in key market, it is the necessary way to win in 2013.