The Common Sense of Buying Office Plate Furniture

11/07/2013 13:48

 Office furniture with the advantages of novel style, colorful, clear wood and no distortion, no cracking, decay and moderate price becoming a new breed of office furniture category.

Nowadays, more and more companies prefer to choose the plate furniture especially for the China office furniture which was mainly making the plate furniture. If you want to buy some Chinese antique furniture, you should follow the three points for choosing the right plate furniture.

Choose the right plate furniture should note the following five points:

First, the surface quality

Furniture in chipboard, medium density fiberboard and other artificial board as base material and its surface is decorated with melamine, PVC, wooden veneer and printed wood grain and other cover and the imitation wood-shaped pattern is clear, natural, smooth, has a good vision effect and feel. When purchasing the office furniture, you should mainly to see the surface of the of the plate whether there is scratches, indentation, bubbling, unglued from the skin and other defects; whether the natural wood grain pattern is smooth and not having feeling of artificial; for symmetric furniture, you should pay attention to the board color, texture consistency and harmonization and the symmetrical plate from the same material.

Second, production quality

In the production of furniture is in the shape of the plate after cutting saws, decorative edge, and parts assembled combination. The quality of its production mainly to see the cutting saws, edge, surface quality and decorative quality of plates ports. Furniture made of the plate which has quality requirements during the cutting and especially for the plate straightness and vertical degree, angle. General sheet metal cutting saw less than 0.01 mm per meter, the efficiency and precision of the plate cutting saws back profile formation, the angle is good, after the furniture made of the phenomenon does not appear inclined plate. The accuracy of conference saw’s blade will also affect the face plate, the quality of the end edges, scratches, chipping, collapse etc. and this kind of cutting saws defects will also affect the appearance of furniture quality. Edge, surface decoration decorative parts mainly to see whether the uniform coating, bonding is strong, trimming it smooth, spare parts side panels, door panels, drawer panels and other visible parts of the exit at the other end is edge treatment, decorative excellent profile on the touch panel side no traces of adhesive.

Third, the quality of metal parts, plastic parts

Furniture with metal parts, plastic parts for fastening pieces, so the quality of metal parts also determines the intrinsic quality of furniture within the furniture is good or bad. Metal parts required smart, smooth, surface plating is good, can not have rusted, and burrs, etc., with higher precision parts. Plastic parts to be handsome and beautiful, colorful, use the focus position to have strength and elastic, not too thin. Open-type connector requires rotating flexible; spring-loaded to the internal elastic appropriate, such furniture in the open will be a smooth, easy, no friction sound.

All in all, no matter you buy one office furniture or having the office furniture wholesale, you should select them carefully and save money.