The development of Office Stationery

14/05/2013 11:23

 Office Stationery has a lot of categories. It is more conveniently to assist people to complete work during daily work which includes documents supplies, desktop stationery, office equipment, financial products and so on. A lot of people don’t know the development of office stationery.

Office Stationery, which is just as its name implies, is one of the most common Stationery of Office supplies. And it is different from the students’. The enterprise, institutions, factories and government are the main buyers. Some office stationery does not fit students, such as File Folder, Financial supplies, and label printer. The main feature of ink cartridge is pursuit of practical and durable, but not for the popular figure. Then this is a difference with student’s ink cartridge.

  When ink cartridge was still in its early age, there were few domestic production manufacturers for it. Also it was relied on imports. And then the demand is increasing. With the development of the national economy, the office stationery industry develops from the simple consumer to the full range of consumer. After then, enterprise and individual demands for them are becoming more and more mature.

According to the domestic newspaper reports, the market capacity of China office furniture and China Office Stationery, has reached 100 billion Yuan, and the pace of development is getting to two digits. Along with the development of domestic economy, the Group’s purchasing power increases. It will accelerate the development more of this industry. If the Office Stationery industry’s development is divided into primary stage, the competition stage, mature stage, the office stationery industry has entered a competition stage. The competition has developed from a single competition into all-round competition, which is including service, management and shopping environment. In the face of a wide range of stationery, consumers have more and more choices.

When the foreign competitors flocked into China, the competition pressure of the whole market is continuously getting stronger, and the future competition will be crueler.

In China, the development of China office stationery industry is rapidly and the products are upgrading fast. The quality is improving obviously. Therefore, the product technology content has greatly improved. The office stationery, the rapid rise of light industry products in China, is playing a more and more important role in the international market.