The Development of Plastic Bag

27/05/2013 17:33

 The establishment and development of plastic packaging in our country generally can be divided into two stages. One is plastic packaging industry breed and the early build in China, the other is the high-speed development of plastic packaging in our country.

In 1949, China achieved its national liberation. Until the early 80s, during this one stage, the long confined to the planned economy and the constraints of closed-door policy lead to the slow development of plastic Bag. During this period, some plastic packing enterprises were established. Except for a number of small and medium-sized state enterprises, and some  big companies which introduced abroad advanced plastic molding equipment and technology, majority of those enterprises were small and medium-sized. Besides, the equipment was out of date and the quality of the product was bad. Also, the production efficiency is very low. Until 1981, the total production of plastic packaging materials in our country was still less than 200,000 tons (only 19.1 tons). It was far to meet the needs of national economic development.

Policies of reform and opening up are vigorously promoted the development of the national economy in our country as well as greatly accelerated the development of plastic packaging industry in our country. During the past twenty years, from 1981 to 2001, the national total production of plastic packaging materials were up to 3.5million tons. After ten years, it reached 16.29 million tons, which was more than in 1981 increased by more than 80 times. After the reform and opening up, our plastic packaging industry completed developed from small to large. For the production scale, China’s production of plastic packaging materials, such as Plastic Film, are larger than Western countries, even Japan, and ranked the first in the world. Its growth rate was very impressive and encouraging.

With the rapid development of plastic packaging materials in our country, the beneficial external factors, the plastic packaging material itself is of great and incomparable advantages.

Firstly, for external factors, China's rapid development of plastic packaging materials is benefit from the reform and opening up policy implementation. Changes in the past planned economy and reform and opening up closed economy, which were effectively promote the commodity production and foreign trade.

Secondly, for internal factors, plastic products were with its wide variety, superior performance, strong adaptability and application widely. For example, Plastic Toys is more sought after the parents. Therefore, the urgent needs of the objective and the leaders at all levels of attention greatly accelerate the development of packaging and plastic packaging industry in China.