The equipment of swimming

17/04/2013 10:48

   Swimming is the best sport of summer to relieve summer heat. It can help our body to relax, and make us feel cool and comfortable. It is a pleasurable activity. Men and women, old and young, all enjoy it.

  In the history and development of swimming, whether it is for hunting, evade the wild beasts or self-help, swimming is always one of the most important skills for surviving.

   How to choose good equipment to enjoy summer is a big headache. Either you are just a learner or you are an expert, you must prepare some necessary equipment, so that you can start swimming in security.

1.       A Fit Sports Wear: we always label sports wear swimwear. The swimwear must be formfitting. If the swimwear is too big to take in water, it increase your body weight and resistance. Therefore, you must choose a fit sports wear which you are comfortable with.

2.       A Fit swimming cap: you should wear the swimming cap in swimming, especially for women. The swimming cap can prevent your hair form untidy. If the water quality is not good, it can keep your hair in good condition.

3.       A Fit swim goggles: if the water quality is not good, bacteria will be easily to get into your eyes during swimming, and you may suffer from pinkeye. In order to prevent from eye disease, you should enjoy swimming with swim goggles.

4.       Earplug: it is difficult to avoid the water inflow our ear. When there is water in our ear, we will feel uncomfortable and sometimes it will cause a headache. So, preventing water to get into ear with earplug is a best way to choose.

5.       Floating goods: for the swimming beginner, it would be the best to prepare some floating goods, such as life buoy, diving flippers, and the water board made of foamed plastic. But you must be careful to check if there is any leakage possible of water and air before you are use.

6.       Washcloth and slippers: Washcloth and slippers are necessary item of swimmer. When you are swimming intermittence or finish, you can dry yourself with a towel, put on washcloth, wear slippers. It is not only warm, but also safeguard against catching cold.

7.       Nasal splint: in swimming, owing to the water wave often put water into your nose, to make us inhaled water or cough. In particularly, the swimming beginner must be attention. To prevent water in your nose, you should use a nasal splint.