The export growth of auto parts

03/09/2013 15:19

 According to Hefei Customs that from January to July this year, the Guangdong province's auto parts exports is 290 million dollar, and there is an increase of 62.8%.

Customs data show that the first seven months, exports products based on vehicle spare parts, wheel spare parts and electric lighting fixtures, car repair tools, total exports of vehicle spare parts, wheels spare parts and electrical lighting equipment are $ 110 million, accounting for 38% of total exports. It is worth mentioning that in the auto parts exports camp, private enterprises has an outstanding performance. From January to July, exports of auto parts of private enterprises in Guangdong province are $ 180 million, and accounted for 62% of total auto parts exports.

According to customs analysis, the improvement of auto parts benefits from the better auto market in United States and other developed countries which can urge the auto parts exports especially for the car security system to drive growth, brands such as Chery car prices increased in South America and North Africa market development efforts in overseas markets has made considerable development and progress. January to July, the United States, Malaysia, Venezuela and Nigeria, total exports of 110 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 38% of total export value parts, of which Malaysia, Venezuela and Nigeria exports grew 1.5 times, 2.7 times and 7.1 times.

The people who is responsible for Hefei Customs General Statistics Office stated that vehicle sales slowdown, raw material prices and labor costs are lower edge gradually disappeared, which restricts the automobile accessories exports for growth. At the same time, the lack of key components of high-tech technology, the province of car parts, mostly low-end products with low added value, easily replaced by similar products in India and other developing countries. Therefore, Customs recommends enterprises to accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions, increased industrial concentration; strengthen research and development efforts to improve the core competitiveness of export products; changing trade structures, from simple export products to the capital, technology output, service output transition, accelerate new energy automotive parts component development, to develop ecological change.

Recent years due to "increased accessory" problem makes the demand for inventory investment of traditional automotive aftermarket industry is growing rapidly.

The number of parts increases are affected by the child the following results: 1. highly segmented market produced the most different types of large cars (both U.S. and foreign); 2. Government ordered the use of safety and emission control equipment.