The export of Taizhou’s kitchen ware has grown about 24 percent

22/07/2013 14:05

 Yesterday, the reporter learned from Taizhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine, the first half of this year, Taizhou kitchen ware industry steady growth in exports, in which plastic table ware and kitchen ware, metal table ware and kitchen ware, paper table ware and kitchen ware are three categories of exports of $ 257,807,800, and an increase of 23.89%, its export growth leads the Taizhou light industrial products. As the foreign markets are unclear and the export growth is not high overall, the city kitchen ware industry is a "contrarian raid."

It is worth mentioning that, as Taizhou traditional pillar industries, metal and plastic table ware and kitchen ware will prop up Taizhou kitchen ware industry one day. In the first half year, the two categories of kitchen ware’s export batches achieve double-digit growth in both the amount and their growth is much higher than non-plastic items like kitchen ware’s overall export growth. Among them, metal kitchen ware exports $ 49,671,600, an increase of 38.42%; plastic table ware and kitchen ware exports $ 198,644,400, an increase of 23.32%.

"The high quality makes Taizjou table ware and kitchen ware has a high grow. In the first half of this year, exports of metal kitchen ware in Taizhou, a failure rate of 0%. Not only the product quality reassured and at the same time brings huge trade orders. As the high quality, the capacity is further optimized. " A staff of Taizhou textile CIQ office told reporters that at present, Taizhou kitchen ware industry gradually showing three major trends: transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the effect of the horizon; new products material, use of new technology is more mature; small and micro enterprises gradually standardized, and strive to do a small fine.

The staff said, take Taizhou plastic table ware and kitchen ware industry as an example, from 2007 to 2013, after nearly six years of helping and controlling, the industry has been basically out of the initial " poor embarrassing situation management infrastructure, low-grade products, the quality is no assurance ".

"Practicing product innovation, material innovation, process innovation has become the industry consensus." The staff believes that the city's kitchen ware enterprises are gradually to specialization, automation, multiple directions; Meanwhile, as the representative of nylon PE composite kettle new products, and bamboo powder, PLA, corn starch as the representative of environmental protection and new materials, the multi-layer composite, rotational molding process as the representative of the new technology applications are gradually mature, the average annual number of innovative enterprises export grew more than 30%, Taizhou kitchen ware industry has entered the fast lane.

In the same time, the plastic bag and the plastic film industries are also built on the quality. All in all, quality is the basic of every industry.