The future direction of the coatings industry

02/09/2013 15:28

Now the world reduce VOC paint structure of varieties such as the direction toward the development of water-based paint is one of the development directions. Chinese traditional solvent-based coatings proportion gradually decreased, the development of water-based paint is very fast, but the polyvinyl alcohol still a large proportion of low-grade varieties.

 It is an important part for the paint manufacturer to improve the quality of water-based paint, develop new varieties of consolidation and development of water-based paint. It is a key to research and development should be based on vinyl acetate - acrylic copolymer emulsion, styrene - acrylic copolymer emulsion and pure acrylic latex binder series based paint and fight in the durability, film smoothness, fullness, construction, decorative and other aspects of a breakthrough; for the more mature epoxy emulsion, water-based polyurethane waterborne base should continue to study high-performance coatings, meet some specific requirements.

To the functional development

Nowadays, in addition to make greater efforts to carry out scientific research on anti-fire, anti-virus, pest control pesticides, thermal insulation and other existing low level of quality functional coatings, we must also intensify research and solve the new problems and difficulties of architectural decoration. Composite technology will be improved and effective way to meet all kinds of functions.

First, function composted. Such as the composite of elastic function and respiratory function: the excellent elastic latex with hydrophilic functional groups of surface modified micro-shell ultrafine particles composite, which made the elastic ability and moisture permeability coexist. The complex flexible features and low pollution functions: The normal reaction emulsion combined with a hydrophilic coating technology, through the use of large molecular weight cross linking reaction latex, and improves elongation and film density, which is combining the elastic function and low pollution function.

Second, we should strengthen basic research on acid rain paint, and solve the problem of buildings affected by acid rain corrosion, fight in the base material composite technology and related auxiliaries match breakthroughs to solve China increasingly serious corrosion of the acid rain on buildings major problem.

Third, the base material of the modified feature is compositing. As for the existing base material has a particular performance modification, and with the special function phase composite. Such as silicone-modified acrylic weathering and moisture curing polyurethane breathable combining in order to achieve the dual role of special functions.

I think this function development is very important for coating industry, but for the Fiberglass Products, it is a long way for them to improve.


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