The knowledge of outdoor camping

13/08/2013 09:27

 Tent camping is the main camp way for field trips, mountaineering expeditions and other outdoor activities and it is worth promoting. Tent camping has so many features. First, tent camping can make you more close to nature. There is no way to be closer to nature than sleeping tents. Please image that your body is under the soil rather than steel and wooden bed, when you open the door of the outdoor canopy you can see the beautiful and natural scenery. There is no concrete building to block your line of sight, which is the true return to nature. Second, it is adaptable home. As long as three square meters of flat land, you can build the “home” live within two people. A top lightest tent only about 1 kg, as long as it is in the side, is there a shade, shelter house, and can also help to avoid the snow, cold, etc., and it is our field trip intimate partner. All in all, with it you can enjoy a comfortable trip. Last but not least, it is an economic camping. Travel abroad, the most economical cost of accommodation is accommodating tents. If you don’t believe, you can count on: a good tent should be 450 Yuan (maximum of 3 people), if you use it carefully, it can be available at least 50 times (nights) or more, then we can find that a per capita cost is only 3 Yuan. Three Yuan a night charge of it is very cheap, and both cost-effective and hygienic accommodation in tents. Of course, the cost of these benefits is to pre-investment and effort of the strap.

The selection and construction of building the camp are related to all the people to have a rest. The place of the camp is very important, and the following precautions are listed as follow:

Near Water: camping rest without water, near the water is the camp to select the first element. Therefore, the choice of the place should be chosen campsite near streams, lakes, rivers edge for water. But not all the camp can tie on the riverside, some rivers’ upstream have power plants, in the period of water storage, the flood is wide and small water. Once turn on the water, it will swell the flood, including some streams. This kind of streams is usually small, once the next storm, which may have made flood or flash floods. So when you want to have camp outside, you must pay attention to prevent this problem, especially during the rainy season and flash floods-prone areas.

Leeward: camping in the wild, we must consider the leeward problem, especially in some of the valleys, flood, we should want to choose a place to camp leeward. Also note that the door is facing the tent against the wind. Leeward also consider the use of fire safety and convenience.

Far Cliffs: the camp can not be embedded in the cliff. This is very dangerous, when the wind is strong, there may be scraped stones and other objects, and causing casualties.

All in all, when the weather is very clod, you can bring a Chinese wine to drink and make your body become warmly. Apart from camping outside to enjoy your holiday, you can also play the amusement rides to relax yourself.