The main profit model of the auto parts industry

11/09/2013 11:12

 As the first domestic automobile accessories online e-commerce platform, "steering wheel" appearance, our auto industry has entered an "electricity supplier" of the development of roads, many auto parts as well as steering wheel production and marketing enterprises have settled in the Internet. Chinese auto parts and auto parts industry experts Li Lianhe point out that the Internet era, the development of e-commerce will become the road to the future of our auto industry main profit model.

Auto parts industry is growing quickly, and having a fierce competition in the industry.

According to a statistics show that: in 2005 the scale of China's auto parts market has reached 500 billion yuan, annual sales of billions of dollars of auto parts distributors nationwide more than a dozen, and after years of development, the rapid intensification of competition in the industry, small and medium sharp increase in the number of auto parts retail enterprises, the intensification of competition in the industry constantly forcing the auto parts industry to open up a broader market.

According to LI Lianhe introduced himself operated for more than ten years of history, Hebei Yutian County Joint Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the domestic auto parts and car modification parts has high visibility, industry competitiveness is also one of the best, but in recent year’s competition in the industry also felt from the enormous pressure.

However, competition in the industry brought about by the pressure did not stop Hebei Yutian County Joint Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., the pace of development. In recent years, the rapid expansion of the online business market, with the advantages of the Internet business platform quickly occupy a great share of the production of the company's steering wheel and auto repair tools and therefore are exported to overseas markets.

Electricity providers will be an inevitable trend, and will become the main profit model.

The rapid development of electronic business commerce leads to increasingly competitive in the auto industry which will give the new hope to the auto industry. Especially in the first domestic auto parts online e-commerce platform - the steering wheel after the birth, the major auto companies are involved Hydropower Company, seeking power provider market new developments.

LI Lianhe pointed out that electricity suppliers of auto parts industry, on the one hand to help customers more convenient to buy auto parts, on the other hand products, especially the steering wheel, while the other auto parts retailers can help enhance corporate visibility, and expand market influence, intercepted more opportunities to ease the pressure of competition in the industry.

Settled in the electronic business platform for the auto industry can bring new economic growth point? In this regard, Li Lianhe expressed his views. He believes that with the change in the way people consume, consumers increasingly prefer shopping via the Internet, thus increasing the number of online consumers, which for the auto parts industry has opened up new broader market. Therefore, settled in e-commerce market, the auto parts industry can not only help tap new economic growth point, but also the future of the industry will be the main profit model.