The medical device will have a reshuffle

20/08/2013 11:53

All along, China's new medical device has a big gap with the developed countries, and most of the devices are low value-added products. In the fierce market competition, medical device companies are likely to soon face a major reshuffle of the situation. In the field of medical devices, some of the major high-end diagnostic equipment has been dependent on imports. Core component technology can not grasp which is one of the difficulties of China's medical instrument industry to upgrade.

Experts said that the country has adopted and implemented the policies and regulations and in order to fundamentally reverse this situation which is urgent. The core for this polices and regulations are to encourage and support national enterprises through technological innovation, grasp the core of advanced medical technology, and start the process of globalization.

Domestic demand for large hospital high-end equipment preparation showed a trend of saturated, slowing growth in demand for high-end medical equipment. And under the background of "medical reform", the rural market has become a transnational company tried to compete for the potential of the market. In order to consolidate and expand its market share in China's medical equipment market, the multinational companies are actively cooperating with Chinese companies or doing localization research and development and other means to low-end market penetration.

Over the past five years there is a steady rise in the number of medical institutions across the country, and this trend has certain stability. In the next few years, there will bring a lot of investment in health infrastructure and medical equipment and instruments as part of the infrastructure will benefit for the whole industry expansion, and the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises will benefit significantly.

The personage inside course of study analysis that China's medical equipment industry will be developed to the direction of higher science and technology, more intelligent, and using the digital technology in the field of other disciplines. Nowadays, the intelligent robot and intelligent development has a big breakthrough, our country will also add high-tech medical instruments in the future.

China's medical equipment industry should accurately grasp the status of competition in the industry characteristics, adopt to the global medical device market trends, foster local enterprises monopoly, as soon as reasonably possible change in production patterns, aim at the potential direction of product development, achieve the whole industry chain of medical equipment transformation and upgrading, which is a high-end medical equipment power charging.

All in all, every company has to try their best to meet the challenge. Except for the medical device company, the disposable medical gloves and condom manufacturer are also meeting the challenge.