The most useful way to buy a sofa

18/07/2013 13:53

The sofa is the soul of the living room and on behalf of a family's personality and taste. Most of the home time, we mainly enjoying a better life on the sofa. The sofa is the most important furniture in the living room; its style can even decide the tone of the living room. Faced with assortment of sofa products on the market, how to choose a good sofa? There some rules list as follow.

Trick one: To observe the stability of sofa frame

A good China sofa must use square and dowel into a frame and the side fix with the board. We can feel the weight of the sofa by holding up the sofa. If it is using packaging board, plywood to nail into a sofa and the sofa’s weight is very light, while solid wood frame is relatively heavy; also you can shake the sofa to feel its solid level.

Trick two: To look at the internal structure of fine workmanship degree

Whether a leather sofa or a fabric sofa, generally has zipper at the bottom and it can be opened, we can open this zipper and check inside the sofa , if there is no rotten, no insects, no scars, no tree bark or wood hair with smooth hardwood production, and the interface between materials and materials is not with nails, but with the mortise or carved to chemical each other, and then use the glue, with this checking these workmanship, there is no problem to buy the sofa.

Trick three: Observe the leather materials

It is critical to observe the leather when you buying the leather sofa. Now, the market is divided many popular sofa into full green husk sofa and half green husk sofa. When you are buying the leather sofas, you should choose the leather with rich luster, no scars, and fine skin texture lines. Apart from that, you should use the fingertip to pinch one and pull up a drag and sit down on the sofa for a while. If you feel flexible and powerful and the wrinkles can be disappearing after trimmed or the wrinkles are not obvious, such is the finest leather. As for the fabric sofa, you should pay attention to whether the sofa seat cover and back cover can be removing. Most of the high-grade cotton cloth lining fabric sofa, and polluted sites should be change and wash easily. Sofa fabric should be relatively thick, and its weight should be 300 g / square meter or above and this kind of sofa is more durable, and ensuring that more than 12,000 times to the surface friction and there are no ball.

Trick four: To look the foam sponge filling inside sofa

The filling mainly refers to sponge and sponge is classified by elasticity with high elasticity, high elastic and soft, and middle elasticity.

The back and armrests of the sofa is made with ​​middle elasticity sponge, the high elasticity and high elastic and super soft sponge are made of the seat parts. The high-grade sofa cushion should use the high elastic foam sponge 30 kg / cubic meter or above, and the back cushion should use the high-elastic foam sponge and the density is 25 kg / cubic meters above. As consumers, you can sit down and see for yourselves. Under normal circumstances, the body sat down in the sofa cushion recess 10 centimeters for the best.

Trick five: To compare with the brand

Consumers should try to choose sofa suppliers and sofa manufactures with the good reputation. Because the brand is generally recognized by consumer in the long run, and its stable quality, low repair rate, the warranty period is long, and after-sales service is guaranteed.

Learned to pick the sofa with five tricks, you can make sure you pick the good quality sofa.