The strategy for coating business

21/08/2013 10:38

 Coating industry is very dependent on channels. To some extent, dealers are the God of coating companies. However, coatings industry’s God who is not always glamorous, they also have their own troubles.

We can learn from the market staff that complained of the dealer not only has positive message but also contains negative emotions. These negative emotions include dissatisfaction with the coating manufacturer and bearish on the future, demands for support and so on. They need a channel to pour this negative information, but when the dealer chooses to tell us, it is precisely that the channel is not clear.

This may be most paint companies have done enough place. After all, as China coatings industry, every business are struggling to expand their market territory, thereby also increasing the number of dealers, and some even beyond the enterprise's ability to control range. This will inevitably lead to biased on the care of the channel, leading from the bottom of the poor as well as information channel occlusion.

This may be most coating companies have done not enough on this place. After all, with the development of coating industry in China, every enterprise tried to expand their market territory, and the number of dealers is become more and more and some of them even beyond the capability of the enterprise control. This will inevitably lead to biased on the care of the channel, leading from the bottom of the poor as well as information channel occlusion.

As we all know, the media is actually a good source of information dissemination channels, so dealers are willing to tell about their dissatisfaction to our marketing people, so I guess we have a hope to use a third-party channels to convey their hopes. Unfortunately, some of our enterprises are not willing to communicate with media to convey their dissatisfactions, and they are more accustomed to glorify. 

So there will be a dealers ultimately helpless abandon a brand or an enterprise. For our marketing staff, the dealers drop into this situation is very easy to find. Some of them will ask, which brand has better service for dealers; Or how to do with when the manufacturers let the dealer aside.  

In fact, the dealer with information between manufacturers (especially negative information) gap has caused some of the industry's injury. Because of poor dissemination of information led to mismanagement, some dealers even blamed up the entire paint industry, and ultimately abandoned paint products business, start another line of business to make a living. For the paint industry, which is an intangible loss?

Perhaps the rubber manufacturer have to say: there must also some reasons for their own for mismanagement dealers, and they should not blame crime enterprises entirely. This is certain. But this rebuttal of the manufacturers is precisely real that its channel management has loopholes.

All in all the enterprises should do well for its internal work at ordinary times, and give the best service to the dealers. And keeping the vendor communication channel is smooth.

Except for the coating industry, the organic chemicals industry also needs the good channel.