The taboo of kitchen ware

27/06/2013 14:51

 The kitchen is the most important place and having the greatest healthy relationship in our daily life. But in the kitchen, all kinds of kitchen utensils, supplies, have many health risks. This kitchen ware is healthy and used correctly or not, which will directly relate to the nutrition and health of the food.

Aluminum pan avoids filling meals in longtime

Aluminum’s chemical properties are very active and it is oxidized aluminum oxide film easily in the air. Aluminum oxide film is insoluble in water, but it is dissolved in an acidic or alkaline solution. If the soup or vegetables placed in aluminum containers in the long-term, they will not only damage aluminum products, but dissolve more aluminum molecules. These aluminum molecules will chemically react with food and generate aluminum compounds. Long-term eating food that contains a lot of aluminum and aluminum compounds will destroy the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in our normal body, which will affect people's bones and teeth growth and metabolism, but it will also affect certain digestive enzyme activity, so that it will influence digestive function of our stomach. Therefore, the Aluminum pan should avoid filling the meals and not to use Aluminum pan to cook.

Metal containers avoid containing acidic beverages

Acidic beverages with metal container (iron, aluminum, copper, etc.) in contact, a chemical reaction occurs and the metal material was dissolved in beverages. Once you drink this beverage, it will cause chemical poisoning and can lead to symptoms such as headache, dizziness and feelings of nausea, and lemonade, orange juice, plum juice and other beverages have a high acidity. Therefore, the metal container avoids filling acidic beverages.

Plastic utensils avoid containing fats and oils items

Soft plastic utensils (plastic film, plastic bag, plastic box, etc.) have poor oil repellent properties and be polluted easily by the oil. Plastic lunch box, crisper avoid serving food for too long and should be washed immediately after every use. As the soft plastic utensils have strong characteristic of absorbing the smell, if we put fresh fish into soft plastic utensils, the smell of fish will be difficult to remove, so it is not a best way to install fish with soft plastic utensils.

Enamel Products avoid containing acidic foods

Various ceramic products are coated enamel on the iron products’ exterior. Enamel contains harmful lead and lead compounds. Glazes, painted on enamel surface, and its main ingredient is a variety of metal salts, such as yellow, bright red glaze is cadmium and lead compounds, and lead and cadmium are toxic. Using the colorful enamels to contain acidic foods (such as meat, rice, wine, etc.), lead and cadmium and other toxic substances will dissolve into the food and cause human chronic poisoning.