Things about Cosmetics

03/05/2013 09:54

welcomed all around the world as people always want to be better looking.

When choosing cosmetics, there are something should be concerned about, such as Cosmetics suppliers.

Firstly, fragrant cosmetic is not a good choice for sensitive skin people. Because fragrant cosmetics contain various perfume with complicated chemical composition, which may easily cause allergy. Besides, these kinds of cosmetics also mix in ingredient like alcohol and tartaric acid. They would simulate sensitive skin a lot and make it worse. Generally, since allergies have different effects on people, so if you feel anything wrong on your skin stop using this cosmetics immediately. It is a sign that telling you this kind of cosmetics is not designed for you.   

Secondly, sensitive skin people should think about the function more than moisture and repair when changing cosmetics in autumn. To select some that are designed for special skin. It had better to pick cosmetics with label like for sensitive skin or Hypo-allergenic. Besides, autumn is a season easily lead to allergy, it is better to take extra protection.

Thirdly, skins are weak after being sweated a whole summer. And it harmed by ultraviolet rays as well. Before caring skins in summer, people would usually do a removing cutin treatment. But a deep clean facial scrub would hurt sensitive skins. So, always avoid finding one that could simulate skins. A remarkable cosmetics supplier is always trustful.

In addition, cosmetics are things that should keep properly. And there six points should always keep in mind.

1.       Cosmetics should not be placed in a high-temperature place. Because high temperature would make the water depart from the oil in cosmetics which may lead to deterioration.

2.       Do not put cosmetics in the sun or in the light. As the light would evaporate the water and then deteriorate the whole product. Ultraviolet rays would even lead to some chemical change inside it. Storing cosmetics in packing box would be good.

3.       Cosmetics could only store in the fridge but not the freezer. In cold winter, it is unwise to keep it staying outdoors long. The cracking phenomenon may happen on it, which may be great harmful to skins.

4.       Moisture is disaster to cosmetics. Protein is easily mildewed after being damped. Besides, some of them are with an iron cover which is much easier to get deteriorated. Maybe you could try plastic packaging bags to protect them sometime.

5.       Finish it as soon as possible. Cosmetics usually expiry for one or two years. It would get shorter once you have opened it. So, to finish it as fast as you can.

6.       Keep it clean. To Screw cosmetic capping right after you use it. In order to prevent it from getting contaminated, you’d better touch it with tools instead of your fingers.