Things About Signing Contract at Canton Fair

08/04/2013 15:39

 To participate Canton Fair is order to get a new big order or to find new reliable suppliers or manufacturers. There is something that attendants should pay attention to.

1. It is not usual that a buyer would place a large order right at the spring Canton Fair. They would usually place a small order to test the particular manufacturers. And in that case, the buyer would pay some predraw which would relax the suoplier a lot.

2. Some buyers would prefer a quasi order. In this case, though you have made a deal, it is not enough. When you start sending them emails of product catalog and price lists, they may not reply you soon. After a long wait, they may finally reply you and tell you to issue a P/I. However, it might be another long wait before a reply. When this situation happens, you should pick up your phone and send them regards. Besides, it is important to remind them your business.

3. Potential order is also the gold mine. You ought to list them just behind your VIP in priority. More importantly, to listen to what they have said in Canton Fair China meeting and make some notes. When you contact them again, to look up your notes and to send them product detailed information would make differences. In addition, making phone call is still a good way to get an order. If the emails are bounced over and over again, phone call would be your window. Fax would worth a try as well.

4. If you need to send some samples to clients, it would be prefect to reach an agreement of freight to collect. Remittance is fair too.

5. When facing clients who just wandering in your booth are willing to have your catalog and leave a business card, there is hope to make deal. You might be a Canton Fair exhibitors they would need in the future. It requires a communication to find the potential purchase need.

6. As for the cooperating clients, to ask them whether they have any need is acceptable. When they want to find some more quality source, if you are helpful you would get more chances to work with them. Besides, it may be an opportunity to receive more orders from them.

7. Always be hopeful to the future. There is no need to be pathetic even though the result is not good as expectation. To sum up all information you have and aim at the very point is important. And it could not be rushed. Patience would be pay off.