Things that should be paid attention in Canton Fair

29/03/2013 10:17

 Canton Fair is a renowned international exhibition held in Guangzhou, China twice a year. Some enterprises have participated in it for years. Attending Canton Fair is much more than just getting orders. It is to meet some old clients that may bring new, bigger order and strengthen their partnership. Also, it would be an opportunity for enterprises to display their new designed product which may surprise all participants. Besides, it might be easy for attendees to find potential customer in this long-running party for importers and exporters.

To get a booth is Canton Fair is not a piece of cake for China exhibitors. Only when an enterprise has reached a prescribed export amount would be qualified to apply for a booth. Therefore, it is a proof to declare these Canton Fair exhibitors are with good reputation and reliable.

There are some things that should be paid attention during Spring Canton Fair.

Firstly, it is very important to be well prepared. Sales contracts and price lists should be printed ahead. To bring enough business cards is of great importance. Pens, notebooks, folders, staplers calculators should be fully prepared. In addition, digital camera, business card scanner and laptop are also required. What’s more, there are some suggestions. To order some recycle bag which is printed your company’s information on it. It is low cost but useful in promoting your company. Moreover, preparing some gifts for old clients is sound. Except for above, to send some small Chinese style gifts to foreign clients would impress them.

Secondly is to decorate your booth properly. New product and old product should be placed reasonable. New products should be put in a conspicuous place which would attract clients to focus on them. Besides, the decoration should be designed and show that you are professional in your field. It would be better if you hang up a banner with you company’s name on it.

Thirdly is to know your product completely. You should read and remember the information in the catalog, especially the prices. If you want to promote your products, you must know about them. Because there is no client want to place an order on something which is even not familiar to its sales. In addition, some trading details are needed. You should complete your database with FOB, minimum order amount, packing, weight and even the producing period. The more you have prepared, the more you would earn.

The opening Canton Fair 2013 dates is 15th April 2013.