Three details for unqualified baby toys

15/08/2013 10:50

 Recently, the China Consumer Association announced the result of 100 models toys’ comparable experimental and it showed that there are some safety hazards abound ,for example, the part of the toy is too small and the rope is too long. Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association Dong Jinshi pointed out that parents buy toys for their children, not only base on the appearance, colour, etc., but also paying attention to the small details of toy design. There three aspects can help parents to pick toys for their children.

Pay attention to the length of the rope

Dong Jinshi said in order to prevent children from being injured or strangled by the rope. Therefore, China has specific security technical specifications about the length of rope toys. According to the standards, the pull toys which used by the baby who is under 36 months with an attachment on the ropes length must not exceed 220mm. In the detection of the Consumers Association found that a plastic toys company produces a baby toys with a length of 270mm of ropes and beyond the standard requirements.

Dong Jinshi reminded that many parents prefer to buy the toys for their baby online, and it is difficult to determine whether the toy safety or not. So the parents should pay more attention to their baby when the baby is playing the toys.

The toy should be break-resistant

Most of the toys are made of plastic materials and toys are beating with the growing of your baby, so the break-resistant is also the necessary quality for children’s toys. According to the consumer association, it found that the baby music rattles which is produced by a Toys Industry Company is fragmentation after dropping.

Dong Jinshi pointed that small parts on toys may be swallowed easily and causing suffocation hazard. Therefore, when parents choosing toys for their children, in order to avoid problems during the baby to use they should try to beat in advance and.

"WARNING" font not less than fourth

For safety reasons, there are some strict requirements for children's toys logo and instruction. According to Dong Jinshi, children's toys on the packaging of the "WARNING" and warnings fonts have specific requirements, such as the warnings should be not less than the 5th bold font, and the "Warning" should not be less than the 4th bold font.

  In addition, according to the standard, if the children toys for 37 to 72 months’ children to use contain small parts, there should be warnings. In addition, the toys must be marked on the product name, model number, standard number, for ages, the name of the manufacturer or distributor address. When buying toys, parents should first carefully read the identification information that will help parents to choose toys for children ages, and timely understanding of the safe use of toys to avoid possible injury.

Apart from plastic toys, parents also should be pay attention to the paper toys.