Tips on Booking Hotel before Canton Fair

02/04/2013 15:20

 The spring Canton Fair is coming soon. The people who are looking forward to it most may not be the exhibitors nor the buyers, but the hotels in Guangzhou. As it is known to us that Canton Fair would bring an effect which could not to be neglected. However, this scenario would become a trouble for the foreign attendants. It is a problem indeed. Some reports have done a research on it to provide some suggestions for attendants.

The very first thing is to decide which kind of accommodation you are planning to stay. Grand hotel in downtown would be the first choice for most people. But it is difficult for an enterprise to settle its every staff in a grand hotel. And those hotels which haven’t been ranked with star are not up to date for business man. Therefore, many people would set budget hotel chains as their priority. As there are a lot of sub brunches in the city. It would be easy for them to reserve a room during the Canton Fair in China. Besides, Canton Fair exhibitors would not spend lots time in the room. They do not need to spend more money on unnecessary services. It would not be hard to find a budget hotel chains in Guangzhou.

Budget hotel chains are growing fast these years. Its establishment has partly stopped the security and hygiene problems happen in no brand hotel. In addition, it provides standard and proper services for lodgers. Although budget hotel is not grand as big hotel, its equipments are already fair enough. Most of them provide free Wi-Fi, clean towel and even breakfast.

To book a hotel room successfully is not easy during Canton Fair schedule. There are some tips for Canton Fair exhibitors. Firstly, to order a room on the official website is the fastest way. You would get a closer look of the hotel and know more about the room you are going to reserve. Secondly, to book a room dialing the official customer hotline is the most directly way. You could get whatever information you need just within a small, short phone call and then you could have your room during the Canton Fair in China. Thirdly, to reserve a room via Smartphone software is a modern way. Many exhibitors are devoting themselves in Canton Fair preparation. To use software to do it on the way is convenient.

A nice sleep after a busy day in Canton Fair would be deeply required. It is essential to reserve a well-known hotel ahead. It is the better that you reserve your room earlier.