To dress in smart casual

12/03/2013 16:12

 The born of jean was an inspired idea. In 1853, the craziest year of the California Gold Rush, gold miners always complained their trousers were too easy to be frayed and ragged which were also inconvenient to carry the gold pellets. A businessman named Levis Strauss had an idea that to invent an overall made of a kind of unsalable canvas. The jean at that time was brown instead of blue today. In order to keep it fasten, brand new buttons were set on pocket and fly opening. And it has become an unchangeable icon in denim clothing.

Men jeans have become a general popular icon in different cultures and countries, which have affected millions of people. Many cases of fashion brands cross over with jeans have been proved it a movement to a great revenue and strong impact. Back to the Spring/Summer men’s fashion show week, various brands put out their new season men’s jeans to tell the whole world that jeans are still an unbreakable fashion icon. To approve this, Scott Schuman, famous candid photographer and blogger, took massive photos of smart guys in nice shirts and wonderful men’s jeans during the Autumn/Winter men’s fashion show week. It was one of the historical scene for men’s jeans. Jeans are of great popularity not only because of they are easy to dress and match good with, but also a positive, free and masculine image in it which no one would ever refuse. What’s more, it expanded the world of jeans. Jean is everywhere. Everybody is fancy for jeans.

T-shirt is a good friend to jeans. T-shirt is unbelievable easy to dress match with. T-shirts, no matter v-neck style or round-neck style, are marvelous simple design. Dressing it with a casual jeans jacket is already nice enough. On workday, dressing t-shirts with a slightly formal suit coat would make a man great different. However, men’s blue jean and white t-shirt is the most traditional and unbreakable match, who shows you are at your very young age. It is a very a smart choice to dress in a slightly tight t-shirt and a simple straight jean. Besides, dressing in men’s jeans with a casual sports wear jacket is a new good idea. Jacket manufacturers are developing more characteristic jacket for the market.

Sportswear is becoming a fashion trend in this very moment. People wear sportswear even in their daily life, which are no longer just the clothes to wear when you are going for sports training. Sportswear is casual and comfortable for people no matter what. Leave out the above, to wear sportswear when you are to do sport is of great importance, which may protect you from getting injure and help you to get a better result.