Wasting is a shame, saving is the glorious

11/04/2013 10:37

 Lots people know “Shame to waste, saving is the glorious”. Chinese netizens have launched an online campaign against waste on dining tables, calling for people to take uneaten food home after banquets. The campaign dubbed "clean your plate" has received great support on Sina Weibo. 

With the Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, approaching, the unofficial campaign has become a hot topic online.

In ordinary life, for various reasons, some uneaten food was remained in the table after banquets. And very few people would not to pack. IN-33, a commercial team, got the call Clear your plate is up to me, everyday not leftovers. It obtained more and more peoples’ support and recognition. The Clear your plate’s influence spread remarkably quickly and widely over China. More and more people joined the Clear Your Plate campaign against wasting food by offering smaller dishes.

We are real need to reject the waste of food. As a matter of fact, it is to save the need food in thr future.

Some Snack manufacturers focus on one way to increase environmental awareness. They try to use plastic film to individually wrapped pack the food. Because the temperature of vacuum – packaged must be high enough to isolated water and oxygen. It makes the microorganism of food not to mass propagation, so that extend the shelf life of food.

Candy manufacturers think this way is adapted to environmental and food safety. A boy said that I like to try different candy at each Afternoon Tea. I had to throw away a lot of food because the portions were too much for me. But now the manufacturers offer individually wrapped pack of food. It’s great because I can try different candy and not to waste food.

More and more people pay more attention on the environment protection and food safety.

Combined the two, we can discover uneaten food is not only profitable for everyone, but also to take it easy. Small behavior will bring great achievements.

Some restaurant come into vogue supply new menu, such as half-portioned dishes, smaller dishes and assorted dishes, at the same time they encourage customers to take leftovers home. But a few restaurants stipulate that if you don’t eat all food up and you must pay extra.

The Clear Your Plate campaign is not only to encourage students to finish their food but also to motivate students to choose a more environment-friendly and healthy lifestyle.