Wine is out in the land

03/05/2013 09:55

 With the globalization, the communications and confluences of wine are becoming frequently and closely between the producing countries and the producing areas. Majority of wineries refer the tastes of consumers as production-oriented to adjust their production, so it’s the same with China Wine. Therefore, the demarcation line of original was breaking through continually. More and more wines are difficult to identify accurately. However, there are exceptions. In Italy and France, some chateaus always uphold the old tradition, which wine is out in the land, not vintage. In the traditional wine culture, grape is more important than wine. The color, smell and taste of grape bring the visual sense, olfactory sensation and sense of taste are all to enjoy. It is the real purpose of drinking wine which is pleasure.

This enjoyment includes respect for the wine culture. Because in the traditional wine culture, grape is more important than wine, and that, this enjoyment would finally become a spirit in a way. So every wine enthusiast who wants to improve the ability of their appreciation, it’d better to begin with grapes.

Different grape varieties are used for producing different wine. The grapes which were to brew red wine called red varieties. And the grapes which were to brew white wine called white varieties. The wines produced in Different latitude have different features. Approximately to speak, at the higher latitude, the wine would be lower sugar, higher acidity, more relaxed taste, and lower alcohol content. At The lower latitude, the wine would be higher sugar, lower acidity, the more full-bodied taste and higher alcohol content. Drinking a small amount of wine every day would bring many advantages for us. But some people will be allergic to alcohol that would be the reason why beverage manufacturers make the grape juice. It is to satisfy all peoples’ need.

Medical studies recently indicated that grape has a high nutrition. Using grape as material of wine is containing all kinds of amino acid, mineral substance and vitamin. These substances are necessary nutrition for the human body. Consequently, some Snack manufacturers make the grape biscuits, and let us to enjoy the delicious grape at any time.

To understand wine from grape, through feeling the flavor characteristics of grapes, you can appreciate the subtlety of nature and the imaginative of winemaker. This is the greatest happiness with wine.